I drove past a redbox “box” tonight and was astounded at what I saw.

It was like a blockbuster (no pun intended) movie opening, on a Friday night at 7:30… Johnson City, TN… AT A WALGREENS!

What in the world?

RedBox has made the movie rental cool again by doing one simple thing, enchanting their customers.

Lets get a few things straight.  Do they rent DVD’s, yes.  Does the process take a couple minutes, yes.  But they make you do it, outdoors, in the heat of day or cold of night. AND WE STILL DO IT.

Lets point out how they differentiate:

– They send you a friendly email the moment you rent a movie with your total and that they hope you enjoy your chosen title

– They send you an email the moment you return the movie, saying “thank you and we hope you enjoy “your title”

– The cost is inexpensive and consistent

– The choices are current and fresh

They have done an amazing job taking a dead business model and reviving it with enchanting features that are delighting their customers rental after rental after rental.  Well done RedBox.

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