Weekly Digital Tool Rundown – December 4, 2015

Here are some tools I am loving this week:

  1. Booking.js
    • A really slick calendar/booking widget for your site.  Connects to Google Calendar and makes booking people for appointments or podcast a cinch.
  2. Plugmatter Plugins
    • WOW, love this one.  A pretty cool set of plugins with the star being a connector from Google Docs to WordPress.
  3. Subbscribe.io
    • Nice and simple email capture forms for your website.  Very intuitive and clean.
  4. Breathe
    • For people that suffer from anxiety like I do, this is pretty awesome.  An app that was tested and tested to help people deal with daily anxiety.  Really cool.
  5. Cast
    • Oh yeah, this one is one my list for sure.  The tool I wanted to build two years ago.  A place to record, edit, publish and share your podcasts.  I think this one is going to be a homerun.  If you are podcasting, check it out


Product Hunt Unboxing of LinkTrakr – WARNING, it’s not good – CLICK HERE


Have a great weekend!


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