Web Optimization is all about putting things where THE CUSTOMER & THE BOTTOM LINE need them to be

Through countless hours of studying CrazyEgg Web Analytics (amazing tool, highly recommend)  for our company’s website, I have been able to acquire some great learnings that I will share with you over the next few blog posts. My goal is to help you so you can implement them on your web site as soon as possible.

The first lesson is: Put things where your customers want them

Not all websites function the same but most websites would classify themselves to have two main purposes for their customers: To make a purchase and to find information.

With that said, how can you make the most popular products and most popular information available in simplest way possible?  These are two quick tactics

1. Put it above the Fold – the area on a website where most users would not have to scroll down

2. Make it easy to find – We have 33 direct clicks and over 100 total links on the homepage of our website.  Our goal is to get this number trimmed WAY down to make information, the right information, easier to find.

Challenge yourself today, either through empirical data or good ol’ gut instinct (data is the better route) to make the important stuff, both to your business and your customers, easier to find and above the fold.

I promise your conversion rate will rise, your customers will be happier and maybe, just maybe, you will get a raise. :)


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