Volume 3 – David Allen – Focused Attention

David Allen led off session #2 of the 2013 Chick-fil-A Leadercast with a very interesting talk about “appropriate engagement” and one of the main themes that came through for me was the topic of FOCUSED ATTENTION.

Meaning whatever has your attention, let it have your FULL attention so you can move through your day with focus on the task at hand.  He went even further to describe how a martial artist, even while fighting multiple opponents, is taught to focus on each one individually, not the entire battle.

This is similar to how all of us multitask throughout our day and WE THINK it is effective.  Multitasking at one time is not effective, it troublesome. Just look at texting and driving. Not good.  Multiple tasks throughout the day are fine, its disciplining yourself to focus on one task, of those multiple tasks, at a time.

I firmly believe in this principle and it has helped me already.  Focused attention leads to better results.

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