We are all inspired by vision.

The ability to see far into the future and know that this will work (or having the guts to say this might not work but hell, lets do it any way, as Seth Godin likes to talk about).

Steve Jobs always talked about how we have to build inspired products that we know our customers will love before they know they will love it.

Do you know how scary that is? Do you know how many people fail because they think they can master that.

I work for a visionary. A guy who became a billionaire for having the guts and vision to build things no one else were willing to build.  Putting promotions out there that no one ever dared to do.

Now, you are saying to yourself, “but I am nobody, how can I be a visionary.”


2. Execute with passion

3. Rinse and Repeat

These can be small or large ideas, just work every day to make them happen.

Don’t let what it says on your business card define your chance to provide a visionary plan to your future.

Remember, all of these people who have changed the world were nobody’s at some point.  But they woke up one day and decided that their mind was worth more and that their ideas, and a visionary plan to execute those ideas, was needed in the world.

That could be you.

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