These days customer data, and what to do with it, is a huge part of any marketers job description. We think about, we focus on it, we obsess over it.

The more I look at customer data and analytics, the same question keeps coming up. How deep with the rabbit hole go?

The cyber world is a scary place where pixels and links follow you around the web with reckless abandon and all those electrons hope to lead to one thing, our wallets.

The great thing is, that no matter how hard I work to get my customers dollars or the other marketers work to get mine, there will be always be one key differentiator between brand x and brand y, and thats true for all consumers, and it’s trust.

There are so few brands that I trust and no matter how much I am hit up to make a decision, there are really only a handful of brands I will make a buying decision on.

So my big challenge at work is not to make sure my brand is on every site and every pixel, it’s to make sure my brand is loved and trusted. Because as Robert Frost so eloquently said, and in a millennia where trust is everything, “that has has made all the difference.”

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