People’s attention is tough to attain.

We all get too many sales emails, texts, push notifications, phone calls and the list goes on and on and on.

But still, we as business people send out one email hoping to get massive open rates and click throughs. Why are we delusional?

A stat from Marketing Charts has it that subscribers, that’s right people who opt into our email lists, only open on average, 15% of our emails.

People get too many messages. Even the emails we really want we miss.

So now it’s on us savvy marketers to execute the trickle. The reminder email system. Tell your consumers first what the date of the sale will be. Then tell them it’s on sale. Guess what, sales will be nominal. BUT, Mix in a couple more emails (and potentially an exclusive pre-sale or two) and watch sales grow. Tell them again and again (and again) and watch your conversion rate grow.

As marketers we have to throw out the old assumption that we send one email and the world comes to our doorstep.

We have to segment to the right audience and then trickle out message after message until the target audience GETS the message. It’s a new way of thinking about message marketing. One and done will just not work anymore.

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