For so long I have heard one expert after another tout the morning routine as a transformative life habit.

When I say “morning routine” I mean a series of events in the morning that start your day the right way.

There are formulas that many a blogger have chronicled.  Here are a couple:

1. Tony Robbins – 15 Minutes of Fulfillment or “Priming”


2. Hal Elrod – The Miracle Morning





– Hal’s Book – The Miracle Morning (Amazon Link)

– Hal’s Website –

But, alas, I am here to tell you about my morning routine, what it consists of and why it works for me and can work for you.

First, let me show you where I got the foundation.

I believe a great morning consists of the following:

1. Exercise

2. Silence or meditation

3. Bible Study (or religious study of your choosing)

4. Gratitude and Affirmation

5. Goal setting

6. Fuel (Food and Drink)

7. BONUS – For the leaders and marketers out there (and we are all marketers, trust me)

These are the foundational elements of “My Morning” routine.

I give myself one hour (60 minutes) to complete all of these.

That one hour is 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM EST for me (7:30 AM is when my kids rise and greet the world and need Daddy’s attention).

Now, let me detail each step so you can pick this up quick and take action tomorrow morning:


I start my day everyday (except for days where I am going to exert myself heavily like playing soccer or another very active sport) with 20-25 minutes on the elliptical machine.


(PIC – Our basement storage area with our elliptical. Pretty sweet right?!)

We acquired this elliptical machine about 4 years ago for around $300 but if you want to get one for cheaper, you could absolutely find one through Craigslist or Ebay.

Ours is a ProForm ZE3, which I believe is outdated but ProForm has many great options

ProForm Equipment – Click Here

Keep in mind the weight of the machine, so try to get one locally so you can move it.

This 20-25 minute session gets my blood flowing.  All in all, this usually equates to between .5 Mile and .75 mile in length.

APP: I use FitBit to track my progress on everything, including what I eat.


After the brisk run/jog on the elliptical, I use the “Quick 4 Minute Workout” App to give me a blast of fat shredding cardio moves.

Every time, without fail, it leaves me out of breath and exhausted.

Q4 Minute Workout App developer “Tiny Hearts Limited” claim it’s the “World’s Fastest Full Body Workout.”

I love it and highly recommend it.

Here is the download link again:

Quick 4 Minute Workout – Tabata – Tiny Hearts Limited


NOTE: If 4 minute seems weak to you (give it a try, I promise you will be surprised) the developers make a similar app called the “7 Minute Workout.” Also highly recommend that.

Here is the download link for that:

7 Minute Workout – Quick Fit – Tiny Hearts Limited

2. Silence/Meditation

I read a lot of books (by my standards anyway, 6-8 per year) and listen to a lot of podcasts and high level executives and super duper entrepreneurs alike agree that a major piece of their success is meditation.

Meditation, by definition, is: to spend time in quiet thought for religious purposes or relaxation

This is exactly what I use it for as well.

I take no longer that 5 minutes to breathe deep, align my mind for success and relieve stress and anxiety.

Full disclosure: I am a person that suffers from mild anxiety on a regular basis.  If you know me you are not surprised by this.

There are many different programs to choose from, but I chose to perform a little hack and simply search on YouTube for “5 Minute Meditation.”

I came back with a strong list, which you can reference here:

This process has made a significant difference in my attitude, mood and mindset.

I start the day feeling more excited but also calm.  It’s been a game changer.

3. Bible Study (or religious study of your choosing)

Now, let me preface this by saying that I am a Christian. I believe in God the Father and his son Jesus Christ and the below describes my method.  But I do understand that the vast majority of the world believes in a higher power of some sort and time with that higher power, in my mind, is transformational.

After meditation ends, I open my chosen Bible study, which right now is Sarah Young’s “Jesus Today.”

It’s a wonderful daily devotional that is quick as it is deep.  It has not only deepened my faith but made me more grateful for all the gifts I have been given.


I continue my study by picking one of the referenced verses in the study and open my bible.

My chosen bible to do this in the “Life Application Study Bible – New International Version (NIV).”

This practice is great for me because it GETS ME TO READ THE BIBLE.  For some this is easy, but I will admit its hard for me.  This has gotten me into a habit and I could not be more thankful.

NOTE: I count this as my most valuable step and if I was forced to choose only one, it would be this

4. Gratitude and Affirmation

Out of all of my daily habits, this is the newest and most rewarding.

Pausing to be grateful for the gifts we have received and give ourselves affirmations to recognize our purpose on this earth are tough exercises for any human.

I have chosen, similar to many people, to utilize the “Five Minute Journal” as my journal for this process.

It has a wonderful introduction, which explains the psychology behind why the book asks very specific questions.

What I truly love about this journal is the nightly entries you must make which ask you to recap your day.  This keeps you focused on the important goals in your life.

To preview the journal, click below:

I highly recommend it.

NOTE: If writing in a journal ain’t your thing, they have a wonderful Mobile app that mimics the exact same process as the printed copy. Download link below:

5 Min Journal – Intelligent Change Inc.


5. Goal setting

Goal setting is essential for clarity of vision.

What are you after?

Why are you after it?

How can you get there?

I also use the “Five Minute Journal” (above) for this because each daily page asks the question “What would make today great?”

What I like about this type of goal setting is its not just business oriented.  It applies to life and that is critically important.

Humans should not just be conditioned to focus their happiness and self-worth on their chosen profession.

For me, this question asks the right question.  “What would make today great?”

Sure, some days it is “get through that tough meeting today” or “Nail that pitch” but most days its “spend quality time with my kids” and “write today.”

Those are the things that make me happy and feel more fulfilled.

Get the journal, its makes a world of difference.

6. Fuel (Food and Drink)

I am writing a blog entry called the “Cheat Day Diet” where I will outline what I think a successful nutrition and fitness week looks like but for this exercise, I will just focus on the morning and what I believe is the best fuel to get your day started.

First, water.

I know, I know.  Every expert you come across says “drink more water” but they are not wrong.  By drinking 8-16 oz of water first thing in the morning you fire up your metabolism, hydrate your depleted body, flush out toxins, give your brain fuel it needs (because when water is depleted from your body, the body goes after the brain for water reserves) and helps you eat less by filling your stomach.

It’s a must do and it’s refreshing. Just do it.

Second, food.

I will keep this simple. High in vitamins (B, C, D, potassium), high in protein and low in carbs.

My chosen meals include:

– Two eggs “mediterranean style” – Small iron skillet, small amount of butter, 2 Farm fresh eggs, olive oil, spinach – 3-5 minute prepare time

– Fruit Salad – Banana and Apple cut up – 3-5 minutes prepare time

– Yogurt Parfait – Organic French Vanilla Yogurt, slice banana (or raspberries) and a small amount of granola

I hope these recipes add value and fuel to your day.

7. BONUS – For the leaders and marketers out there (and we are all marketers, trust me)

This last step is completed before I do anything at work.

So if you are a corporate worker, like me, or an entrepreneur, I think you will benefit from this last step.

Within this step are two crucial readings in my day.

The first, Seth Godin’s Blog.

Why you ask? Because Seth is a genius.  He inspires. He challenges. He pushes.

The other reason, he has a daily blog.  I’m not sure he knows how powerful this is for a person like me (and like you) trying to develop a daily habit.

His posts, mostly targeted toward marketers, artists and entrepreneurs are driving and thought provoking.

I, like most I’m sure, end up reading his posts twice because of the depth of subjects but the utter simplicity in which Seth delivers them.

Click this link above and subscribe to the emails.  You’ll be glad you did.

The second reading is The Maxwell Daily Reader: 365 Days of Insight to Develop the Leader Within You and Influence Those Around You.

This reading takes me literally 2-3 minutes and impacts my day in a profound way.

I am a leader at work (not a manager).

This book provides introspective questions that make leaders work harder each day to inspire, listen, care and work for their team.

I must repeat this point.  I READ THESE BEFORE I START MY WORK DAY.  Before email, before coffee, before the water cooler I read these two texts.

Setting a solid foundation for each day requires discipline to avoid distraction and these two readings get my day started the right way.

I conclusion, these 7 steps have helped me become a better person, a better husband and father, a better christian, a better leader and a healthier person overall.

I hope the 60 Minute “My Morning” routine helps you in some way to take control of your morning so you can live your best life.

If you have anymore questions, please email me at and you can always sign up for my monthly newsletter by clicking below.

God bless and take care!

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