But doesn’t everybody.

There is this an overall romance about writing a book. The fame, the fortune and all the trappings of being one of “those” people. A professional writer.


A few reasons…

  1. Being an author is cool — But is it? Most books sell 3,000 copies if they are lucky and if you look down even further, most books REALLY sell, on average, between 300–500 copies. Seriously. So when you dig down deep, being a successful author is nearly unattainable.
  2. People think writing is easy — From the reading and listening I have done to people like Ryan HolidayRobert Greene and others, the writing process is SO much more than sitting down and bleeding on paper. It’s months of grueling research and then the writing begins which in itself is a months-long disciplinary action. Oh, and then you have to have editors tear your work apart for more months. It’s not easy, it’s hard.
  3. It can make you a star — Not so fast my friend. Very few authors become “stars.” Most of the time stars become authors because their personal platform affords them the chance to succeed in spreading outside of their chosen medium. But authors becoming stars, it happens very rarely.

Still, the desire is there for me. But I think the key difference now is the motivation. The motive.

I now want to write a book because I want to educate myself on various timeless topics that will only aid in me getting wiser as time goes on. Lord knows I have very little wisdom now and life is the pursuit of knowledge to which there is no end.

I will write a book, someday.

Will it start tomorrow? Yes. Has it already started? Yes.

But the writing will begin later as I now know that the start of a book comes from reading, listening and watching wise people tell the stories of their lives. Those stories become our teachers and those learnings become the world’s future books.

I say all of this to say, read a book. Experience Life. Be mentored. Let yourself learn today. It is the only way your book will ever be written.

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