How to Raise Your Blog Traffic 2,000% in 6 Months


One simple reason.  A (one) kick-butt, evergreen, keyword-heavy post.

Really, that’s it.  If you want to stop reading, fine.  If you want to hear more, keep reading.

Early in 2015 I decided to stop writing posts about me and I started to write posts about what I think my audience might want.

Novel concept huh?

Well, like most bloggers I struggled with what to do with the unique corner of the internet I had carved out.

And for years I wrote about what I think “people like me” might want. Bad approach.  I shifted gears into writing solutions for problems, for people who needed answers.

Which takes us to the post. The one post that has changed this blogs trajectory you ask?

How to Make a YouTube Custom Thumbnail

Yeeeep, that’s it.

This one post makes up over 48% of my total traffic.  MORE THAN MY HOMEPAGE!

But let’s discuss the formula that has made this post work:

  1. It was keyword heavy – friendly to google
  2. It was easy to follow
  3. It’s short and to the point
  4. It addressed a simple but painful problem – a problem that people search for

My one simple piece of advice:

Stop right now and think, “What do I do everyday, that people ask me to do for them that I can do well and teach others how to do.”

The answers that lie beneath are pure gold.

When I started asking that question I started realizing that there are hundreds of little digital and life hacks that I know that others don’t.

Share what you know, in an easy to read and remember structure and people will be coming to you as well.

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