Need to do a giveaway online?


When you need to do a giveaway online, you may try in order to do itright. You are trying to get in the traffic for your WordPress blog by sharing the goodness. And freebies often meant a bait to let netizens see what you have for them. And most content marketers would go for for the win-win situation it offers.

Why you need to do a giveaway online? For linkages

Remember when you get the need to do a giveaway online that the first audience that would jump on the opportunity would be fellow bloggers. Sure. Social media netizens would take their shot too. They can share, tweet or pin the blog entry that posted the freebie out there. That is where blogs get a shot at being viral – because people start attaching your blog link to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Or some other social media platform where they have established a sizeable audience.

Why you need to do a giveaway online? Links are followed by traffic.

The best way to explain certain bloggers’ tenacity at sharing their blog links to as many Facebook groups as possible and to as many Pinterest boards as possible is because of the curiosity piqued by these links. An excellent link that discusses the giveaway would push netizens to click it to see more. Some bloggers would make sure to write “Click here to read more” on the featured image so anyone that sees it would really click the link.

Catchy blog titles are useless when you forget to remind your audience to check the article itself that plugs your giveaway. Like seriously. Some folks read blog articles for the sake of knowing what to do with the information they just received. So might as well do it.

It works most of the time because curiosity can only do so much link-wise. You need to do a giveaway online to rake in the traffic. But you should at least motivate them to click that link and get conversations for your WordPress blog. is one of the highly recommended sites worth depending on when you need to do a giveaway online.

(More on that later.)

Why you need to do a giveaway online? It’s a conversation starter.

How do you know if you have actual people reading your blogs? If you have encountered some random spammy comments on your blog, you know how even blog views are occasionally cheated. And as much as you present yourself as an actual person that writes your own material, you’d like actual people to see your material too. And the closest thing to getting it done is by giveaways.

You need to do a giveaway online if you’d like other bloggers to talk about you too.

They’d be reviewing the item you gave them. Soon they’d be checking out the rest of the articles that you have written especially when value is present there. Even if you have the best giveaways distributed online, when your articles are shallow or crap, they will not have a reason to go back. They will talk about the giveaway itself. But you or your website? Fat chance. Even if you have quality content online, if you’re not drumming up interest for it, your stats won’t improve. And since the need to do a giveaway online,might as well go with

How to satisfy your need to do a giveaway with is a giveaway feature that you can put in your WordPress blog. Works best with bloggers that have an email subscriber base. You start there by integrating your email marketing service to WordPress. To be more basic though, you will start from:

  1. The point you purchased your app and received a verification email from them. That email contains a link that says “KS-Giveaways” for you to click.
  2. It will download a zip file. Mac users will see that zip file automatically unzipped though. You need the zipped version for uploading on WordPress though.
  3. Now go to your WordPress site ( and hover your mouse pointer over “Plugins” to click “Add New”. Then click “Upload” and “Choose File”. Pick the zip file and click “Install Now”.
  4. Once done right, you will see the “Activate Plugin” just below the statement that says “Plugin installed successfully”. Click it to be directed to the page that asks for a license key. Click “Click Here” beside the “This plugin does not have a license key”. That license key is attached at the email sent to you. You need to bookmark that email. It comes handy every time you need to do a giveaway online.
  5. WordPress would direct you to the page that allows you to paste the license key. Now copy that license key from the email and paste on the box labeled “License Key”. Click “Activate” to continue.
  6. You have the option to integrate it with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Click “Save Changes”. And you’re ready to distribute free stuff. Your need to do a giveaway online is now addressed.

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