Who is the main character in your story? Is it you? Or is it your customer?

Most of us would say “it’s my customer of course.”

But are you lying to yourself?

Let’s face it. We all struggle with making the story, our company story, about the customer because the default position of brands is to craft copy, emails etc. that ultimately serve themselves.

Don’t deny it. It’s a challenge we all face.

This Hubspot article goes into great detail about how learning about your audience, your customers (either lapsed or current), is the most important thing you can do.

Why? Because their story is the only one that matters.

Too often, we create the story that we want to hear. A fantasy or words or images to manifest or create a desired effect for our company. What we should focus on is what matters to our customers.

What hopes, dreams or fantasies can we fulfill? What fears, doubts and psychological barriers are between them and their desired outcome?

And how can we help them get over those limiting fears and beliefs?

ANSWER: By knowing their stories and making them our stories, that’s how. Because after all, there was a time when there was no [FILL IN THE BLANK PRODUCT].

That’s why the customer is the life blood of every product on earth.

How we became a part of their stories is really what our story is.

Understanding what made them purchase then and what still keeps some coming back is what matters and the sooner we can tell their stories instead of our own, the sooner we will know what success truly feels like.

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