Shepherd – One who cares for and guides a group of people, as a minister or teacher.

Its amazing to watch one of your best customers make your cause their cause, your passion their passion and make your customers their customers.

Where I work I experience this in the flesh because of the open air environment.  I get to see our best customers, our most avid brand ambassadors literally take our newest customers by the hand and guide them and make them their customers because they care about the brand that much.

Take this chance in time, a time where personal connection is the most important currency in business and extend the empowerment hand to your best customers and tell them, “I need you, you matter so much to us that I want you to shepherd our newest customers so you can teach them what you know and make them experience this product the way its meant to be experienced.”

Build an army of shepherds, reward them for this service and see your brand flourish.

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