Make the climb and take the jump….without the rope


I am a huge Batman fan and although I thought it was the weakest of the three films, The Dark Knight Rises was a fun ride with some great moments.

A moment I liked in particular was the metaphorical part about the rising from the Pit/Prison Bane left Bruce Wayne to die in. While completely unbelievable that the villain would fly a guy half way around the world to leave him in a prison to rot, it did have a nice symbolic ending to his journey there. A metaphor that we can all use in life.

That metaphor is that if you truly want to succeed, make your climb and take your leap without a rope. The lesson lies in the commitment. For Bruce to make the climb, without the rope and take the leap, he committed himself to two outcomes, failure (death) or success (new life). No half way. No start over.

While most of us will not face this type of theatrical life or death choice, we do face choices on a daily basis that give us this paradox: Make the climb with the rope so we have a safety net on the fall down, or commit to making the climb and taking the leap without the rope, a commitment to give our business, our relationships, our children EVERYTHING we’ve got.

As the doctor in the movie so eloquently states in his non-distinct middle eastern dialect, this give you the emotion you need back on your side, in Bruce’s case, the fear of death, but for most of us the fear of failure.

Today, make the climb and take the leap without the rope and know that your commitment and fear will drive you to your ultimate goal once you take that leap. Here’s to your success, freedom and happiness.

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