Waiting in line.  We all hate it.  Ever been in a long line to only get let down at the end?  Me too.  Because we all have.  President and CEO’s hate them as much as we consumers do.

But there is one bunch of crazies who love them, marketers (crap, that’s me).

We love a line because it shows to everyone walking by that this product is worth standing in line for.

BUT (and this is a big but), move that line along or there will be no line the next time you have something to sell.

Let me explain.  We have all been in a line or two in our lives (no, not you DMV) that has actually serviced three needs.  One, getting the product we so desired, not being let down by it and that it moved along fast.  Its like traffic on the highway.  We have desired destination and to encounter traffic along the way is not uncommon but we just WANT IT TO MOVE. 5 MPH, 10…whatever, just move.

Same with consumer lines.  Give me the desired outcome and move the line along in a timely manner and all is well in the world.  I mentioned earlier that me and my marketing brethren like lines? To a certain extent yes, but our ultimate goal is to have a product worth standing in line for, and getting people access to it in a quick and enjoyable manner.

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