How to Grow Your Instagram Followers from 0 to 340,000 in 9 Months – Excerpts taken from the Smart Passive Income Podcast hosted by Pat Flynn. Pat welcomed Foundr Magazine Owner and Founder Nathan Chan and together they break down the top 7 strategies for growing Foundr’s Instagram feed to 340,000 followers in 9 months.

How do you grow from 0 to 340,000 followers on Instagram in just 9 months?

Here is the formula.

In a recent episode of the Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn, Nathan Chan from Foundr Magazine states his top 7 strategies for growing the upstart magazine’s Instagram following and they are as follows:

1. Know Your Goal

With Instagram, you have just one clickable link and as most of you know, it can’t be in your posts, it’s in the bio section of your profile.  With that, you must identify your goal of your Instagram account.

Are you interested in showing pictures of your kids? Great. Have at it.

But if your goal is business growth and pointing people to your desired KPI (key performance indicator) then your content, CTA’s and posts need to match that goal.

So, first set your course.  What do you want your Instagram account to do for you?

2. Use Quote Images

For many who are experiencing incredible growth, quote images are the way.  In any profession of niche interest, there are icons and influencers.  For me as a marketer, I subscribe to many accounts (like Foundr) that inspire me.

Their image quotes keep me going throughout the day.  And obviously I am not alone.

A great way to start doing this without killing yourself on Wordswag or Phonto (talked about below) is to go on a site like Fiverr and see if you can get one of their designers to send you 100, 200 maybe even 500 quotes that would inspire your audience.

Here is a great example from Tony Robbins:

  Here is a link to find such providers on Fiverr – CLICK HERE

3. Ask Questions – Solicit Engagement (Bonus Tip – The Double Tap) A great strategy that Nathan talked about is to ask questions. Are you ready for the big concert? Do you want to become a millionaire? Asking questions stirs emotions within the audience and one of the primal behaviors humans have is to have their voice heard.  By asking questions you are soliciting feedback and many humans, including me, want to respond with our thoughts.  It’s just human nature.

Bonus Tip: The Double Tap Ask people for the double tap.  What is that? People can either like your Instagram photo or video by hitting the heart symbol OOORRR they can simply double tap.  Double tapping is fun and engaging.  In fact I see some Instagram savants weave a double tap heart (the symbol that comes on the screen when you double tap) into the image.


4. Ask for the Tag

Simply put, in your caption of your photo or better yet, in your photo or video, ask people to tag a friend.

Great examples of this could be:

– Tag a friend who is coming with you

– Tag a someone who you love

– Tag someone that inspires you

Asking for the tag spreads your photo or video virally and will increase followers, period.


5. Max out your Hashtags

A great tip that Nathan gave was to max out your hashtags.

BUT……there is a trick

Instead of putting your hashtags into the original caption, post them as the first comment.

That way it gets the same viral spreading as putting in the original post, without annoying your followers.

The limit is 30 so be creative and strategic.  Another great tip is to research hashtags and a simple way to do that is to go to the desktop version of Instagram and start typing in hashtags with keywords and in the search results you will see the amount of people using that hashtag.

This can only help, not hurt, so get on it!


6. Design

Very quick point here.  Take pride in your design.  Use or use great phone apps like Wordswag, Phonto or Typorama to make your quote images.

Another app I use to make my pictures beautiful is Fotor HDR.  HDR photos are incredible and this has grown my likes on a photo by 10x or more in certain instances.

If you care about your design, it will come through to your audience.


7. Getting other power accounts to share your Instagram Posts

Nathan uses the acronym “S4S” or “share 4 share.”  Once you get some momentum, reach out to your friends or likeminded accounts on Instagram and ask them to use one of your images and tag your account.  This is a super duper growth strategy once you have gained some following and you are looking for that following to grow exponentially.

Help others and they will in turn help you.

Well, I hope this has been helpful, I know the podcast episode (here) was a game changer for me. Thanks to Nathan and Pat for the knowledge and I hope you guys enjoy this and get some use out of it.


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