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One of the best methods to be heard or seen is to be active on Instagram. You are off to a great start if your Instagram account has tons of followers, comments, and likes. But if your account lacks a large following, then don’t worry. There is always time for it.

Many brands and business trust Instagram as it is one of the best apps to connect with customers and build engagement. There are various tricks and tips you can use to make your Instagram experience more pleasurable and productive.

Instagram Tricks To Master

1) Store Instagram Pictures On The Phone

A lot of time and effort is put in by you for storing and popularizing the photos posted on your profile. It is normal to have at least a copy of each photo saved on your local memory, making it easy to access them whenever you want. Especially when there is no internet connection or the entire website gets suspended temporarily.

Storing Instagram Photo

Make sure that a copy of the uploaded images is saved to the memory of your device. For that, you must go to the Instagram settings option and check whether the ‘Save Original Photo’ option is switched on.

2) Get Your Photos Embedded Online

Sometimes you may have taken an Instagram shot and want it to be posted on other social media platforms and blogs. Don’t worry it is possible and is very simple to do. First, you need to choose the particular photo that you want to share online and click the menu button on it (i.e. the three horizontal dots).

Then choose the ‘View Photo Page’ and click the menu option. Select the option ‘Embed’ and the code gets displayed on your screen. This code can be pasted at any place on the web to display the snap. However, this will work only with public Instagram accounts and not with ones that are set to private.

Embedding Instagram Photos

3) Using Filters

One of the much-appreciated features of Instagram is the wide variety of filters you get to use. Many of you might want to use the filtered snap but won’t like it to be seen online. One way to do this would be to add filters to the picture, post it online, save it to your phone and later on delete the post. Well, that is a lot of work and time-consuming. There are several websites which carry detailed information about how you can get more out of your photos on social media.

You can go for the easy step of switching your phone to Airplane mode and then make the required edits to the snap. Once you have added the filters, click the ‘Upload’ option, the photo will not get posted to your online profile as there is no data connection. Automatically it will get saved to your gallery.

Instagram Filters

4) Saving To Dropbox

It is no secret that people love and adore the online app IFTTT. It pulls together all types of tools and services. There are various methods of using IFTTT with Instagram, right from posting the pics to Twitter or to keeping track of the pictures at particular locations. Just add Dropbox to the mix and you will end up with an excellent way to save your favorite Instagram photos to the hard drive.

5) Using Hashtags For Images

Sometimes certain people might take pictures of a party hosted by you or of a product of yours and post it online. You can easily get the credit for it as well as advertise your brand by commenting on it using your personal hashtag. Just use the same hashtag as you have for the original caption and it will serve the same purpose as the original hashtag.

Instagram Hashtag

6) Get The Maximum Out Of Your Profile

Your Instagram profile will be the first page that individuals see while checking out your feed. So, you must make sure to provide some good reasons to make them tap on the Follow button.

Keep your Instagram profile interesting and active by describing something about yourself, what you do and like, and what kind of pictures you are going to share. You can use the Twitter or the website field to bring visitors directly to your detailed portfolio.

Interesting Instagram Profile

7) Edit And Delete Comments

Whether it is a rage or typo comment, the comments present on Instagram are not permanent. Even if you made a mistake while typing and realized it after posting, you can delete it from cyberspace without leaving any trace.

To do that, you need to tap on the ‘Comment’ button and a separate page will appear. It will have a list of all the previous comments along with the text field. Now you must swipe from right to left on the particular comment that you want to get rid of. When you swipe, a red trash can icon will appear, just click on it to delete the post.

8) Share More

One of the biggest advantages of Instagram is that it can be plugged to various other social media services. Now you need to make proper use of these links and share your photos with people, especially ones who don’t have an Instagram account.

9) Using Multiple Instagram Accounts On The Same Device

Sometimes your company or brand may have multiple Instagram accounts for posting promotional content as well as personal (related to employee and day-to-day activities) content. It ‘s hard and time-consuming to have separate devices for accessing both the accounts. Also, logging in and out all the time is not something that you can do.

You can try the Instwogram app which acts as a layer or wrapper over the original application. So, it allows you to keep both of your accounts logged in at the same time and even post the necessary updates related to the account of your choice.

Instwogram Application

10) Learn From The Pros

Follow a few Instagram professionals and experts along with employees, friends, and favorite celebrities. By following them, you can get various innovative ideas on how to use scenery, lighting, and multiple filters on Instagram.

National Geographic’s Ira Block (more than 52,072 followers), road tripper Foster Huntington (more than 1 million followers), and CNN journalist Jethro Mullen (more than 800 – 900 followers) are some of the best examples of the Instagram profiles you can follow.

Final Verdict

Instagram is smashing records in terms of users and is reaching the 600 million mark. Clearly, this photo sharing app doesn’t suffer from any stiff completion. Irrespective of whether you are an Instagram newbie or old-timer, the ten tips discussed in this article can provide you with fresh ideas on getting the most out of this app. So, go ahead and try them.

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