Are you adding value or just filling dead air?

As all radio djs, or former like me, know, you don’t ever want to have dead air in the studio. Its the cardinal sin of radio djs or operators.

I believe this to be the opposite in meetings.

Dead air is ok, dead air is a challenge. But, if you can’t add value to the dead air in a meeting, its ok to be quiet.

I’m a bit of a talker, I can’t deny that. But a discipline and skill I have been trying to hone is not only listening better, but just shutting up if I can’t add a piece of value that will make my company better.

Ideas without action are unacceptable but filling dead air with invaluable speaking is just as bad.

Next meeting, get your thought or idea out there if it presents itself but otherwise, keep your mouth shut, listen to others and yourself and work on your idea until its ready to help make everyone around you better.

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