I think this is a common thing that people go through when they want to get a product out.

It doesn’t always go as planned.

A week ago I wrote a post that stated that, by today, I would have a Kindle Book ready for you to read.  Well, I failed to reach that goal.

But, as the title of this post states, I’m not done yet.  There’s a little fight in this cussing Christian.

Here are the facts and action steps I have taken over the past week to reach my goal of publishing a book:

1. I have written over 3,000 words (just a little bit more to go.  Target for this short book is 5,000 words and I already had 1,000 written)

2. I had a Kindle Book cover made for me.

3. I have lined up someone to copy edit and proofread as soon as I am ready

I have taken action every single day since my last post to reach my ultimate goal.  And that is the true test.  Did I fail to reach the goal I set for myself last week. Yes.

Will I fail to reach my ultimate goal. No.

Stay tuned…

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