Digital Tools to Grow Podcast – 9 – How To Make a Snapchat Community Filter For Free


Hey everyone,

Simple post this week where I will show you how to create a Snapchat “Community” Filter and save yourself some big bucks in the process.

Snapchat is a social medium on the rise with over 100 Million users and growing (as of early May 2016).

With the rise in popularity comes the rise of their number one asset, the Snapchat filter.

Snapchat filters let people celebrate momentus occasions, give their location and make funny faces at friends like no social media channel can do.

It’s huge. Trust me.

Snapchat, just recently in 2015, made it possible for anyone to upload their own custom filter for special locations or occasions.

But here’s the catch, it can cost a TON! I did a search for the business I work for one time and the total, for a seemingly small geographic area was….wait for it…$80,000 for 3 DAYS!

What the what!?

So I looked into the “other” option, called “Community Filters” which is an amazing way to get what you need AND hack the system a bit and pay NOTHING.

Sound right up your alley?

Want to learn how to do it?

Here are the simple steps:

  1. First, we created an image, and here are the rules for the images:

    1. The graphic should have a width of 1,080 pixels and a height of 1,920 pixels

    2. It should be no bigger than 300KB in image size

    3. Must be a PNG

    4. Can’t have a logo or a hashtag – think simple

  2. Then I went here:

  3. Chose “Community”

  4. The chose “Create Now”

  5. Select a geographic region – follow the steps, it will walk you through it

  6. Upload the image

  7. Put your name and your personal email (so it will not be tied back to your business)

  8. Put why it’s meaningful to you – tell a great story

  9. Click on through

  10. Then wait—-I got a response about 2 weeks later (so plan ahead)

That’s it.

Hopefully this will serve you and your audience well and help you get started on Snapchat or take your Snapchatting to the next level!

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Drew Bedard

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