How to Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers TODAY


One of the biggest challenges web entrepreneurs and bloggers have is getting people to subscribe to our email lists.

Recently, I have come across two of the best methods I have seen that center around the same theme – How to get 100 people added to your email list fast.


The first is from Nathan Barry, one of my favorite bloggers.  Nathan now runs ConvertKit (Full disclosure: this is an affiliate link. If you check it out and like it, it will send me a few shekels :), a super-slick email marketing platform for bloggers and creators.

In the video below, Nathan outlines a simple process to start adding email addresses immediately. But, this simple process takes work.

Here it is:

  1. Think of 10 People that you can subscribe to your list right now – Family members, colleagues, like-minded souls
  2. Survey the people you have subscribed to your list on what they would like from you, what blogs they follow that are like yours and what frustrates you about these blogs
  3. Create a short, free “How to” course from a piece of content you HAVE ALREADY PRODUCED, cut it up and make it into a multi-step course, then send that out to these subscribers and then hustle to get it out on guest posts, places like Product Hunt and more (this is that part that takes work) to get new people to subscribe to your list

These steps, as Nathan outlines, is an effective method to grow your email list to 1,000 people, quickly.

Nathan and his colleague Darrell outline these steps and more in the video below and go in depth about ConvertKit as an email service provider

Here is the video (CLICK HERE IF YOU CAN’T SEE IT)


Bryan Harris, another blogger and teach I admire, teaches and consults at Bryan has EPIC blog posts that create tons of value for people. But, one of the things that Bryan does extremely well is create and confirm products and concepts quickly.

Bryan’s method follows a similar format:

  1. Reach out to 10-50 people you know or if you know them already and you know they would be interested in your content, subscribe them
  2. Create a free resource for these people and ask them to share it
  3. Add that free resource EVERYWHERE you can, such as: bylines, sidebar sign up forms, welcome mat signup forms (see SumoMe), exit intent forms and more
  4. Deliver great content through your course or free resource

He outlines many methods on Noah Kagan’s website,, HERE

A great resource that Bryan talks about in the equally great video below, that can help you, is called – check it out.

Here the video of Jeff Goins and Bryan going through some of these methods (CLICK HERE IF YOU CAN’T SEE THE VIDEO)


This one is mine.

After listening and watching several experts talk through email marketing list creation and addition, I wanted to summarize all of the tips that I have learned that have ACTUALLY worked.  They are as follows

  1. First (tactical break), start a Google sheet or Excel Spreadsheet and title it “Email List” – Add two columns – NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS
    1. I like Google Sheets because they could possibly later be shared with an admin or colleague with ease
  2. The personal connection rule – Go through your outlook, gmail, iMessage, Skype (shoot MySpace) and collect all your frequently emailed people. My guess is that you will come up with 40-50 people right off the bat.  These are the people that if they got an email from you they would say “There’s an email from my friend __________”
    1. Note – this is not your Mom and Dad but, yet you may want to add them too
  3. The “they will love to read this” rule – There is at least 20-30 people that you have come in contact with, whether that’s through LinkedIn or have networked with that should come to mind immediately when you have chosen your niche and what you want to talk about only.  These can be close to your avatar (aka your ideal reader).  Their reaction, when opening the email, will be “cool, I have always found Drew interesting, I wonder what he has to say”
  4. That hopefully gets us up to around 80 people or so.  20 more to go.  These last contacts will be called the “Out on a limb” group.  These are connections or acquaintances who if you ran into them might say, “I have heard of them but don’t know them.”  These are the people that might unsubscribe after the first email but might just be your connection to a billionaire who wants to buy the rights to your blog and pay you a ridiculous amount of money.  Just kidding about that part.  These are the people that may find what you are doing interesting and might suggest it to a colleague.

There you have it, the “Drew Bedard Formula.”

After those steps, get to work and ADD VALUE to every interaction you have.  And that starts with creating.  Create a blog, create a VLOG, create a cooking show.  Create and share and hope to reach people and help them achieve their hopes and dreams.  That’s when you will be successful.

Oh, and add SumoMe tools to your site.  Don’t leave home without them. Seriously.

Cheers.  Have a successful day!

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