I will keep this post short and sweet because the mission of this blog is to give you Digital Tools that help you grow your business.

Well this one can do just that.

A couple years back I began to increase the amount of books I was reading.  Ever curious about my craft, I started to consumer just about every book I could on marketing, advertising, copywriting and neuro-science.

Through this newfound quest for knowledge, I realized that I could increase my daily word count by mixing in audiobooks.

But…here is where the challenge came in.

Audiobooks are expensive.  Super expensive.  Most books I looked at averaged in the $20 range.


In steps my secret weapon.

One day, just out of curiousity I did a Google search for a particular title, I think one of Tony Robbins’ books.

Low and behold a search result came back that changed the way I listened to audiobooks.

A YouTube result for “Unleash the Power Within” is what appeared.

I clicked on it and there it was, the entire book in all it’s glory.

I was jacked up. Euphoric.

How could this possible exist? Whatever the case, it did.

And so started my love affair with audiobooks, found for FREE on YouTube.

Now, there are some caveats.

  1. I would suggest putting them into a playlist – Need to know more, CLICK HERE
  2. If you are using your mobile phone to listen, the screen has to stay on while listening so I suggest having something to charge your phone with while you are listening
  3. Some books have ads within them so you get interrupted every few minutes but if you are like me, that’s no big deal

Not only do I have full audiobooks of some of my favorite titles, but I also have VERY useful illustration videos and book recaps, which make digesting a very long book very pleasant.

So, there you have it.  How To Get Free Audiobooks answered, go to YouTube and search for your favorite titles BEFORE you head to audible or audiobooks.com and spend some serious cash.

NOTE: Not every title is on there but I have found that more than 75% do.

AS A BONUS, I will go ahead and get you started with my collection, below. Enjoy and when you speak of me, speak well.


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