How to be a Marketing Rock Star – Part 1 [BOOK CONTAINS OVER 60 RESOURCES]

I have new book out and it’s (in true Drew fashion) called “How to be a Marketing Rock Star”

I would be humbled if you would head over and give it a read.

For these next few blog posts, I will be giving you a preview of what’s in the book.

I hope you enjoy…


Chapter 1 – Design

Designing doesn’t take special skills. It just requires action and the ability to have enough passion to close your eyes and see something completely planned out.

Our heads are funny places to live.

We over analyze conversations, we wonder where we will eat lunch and we stew over old breakups.  The brain often becomes our most difficult organ to manage.  On the other hand, fulfilling creative urges, those moments of brilliance, those are moments to cherish.

I find when I am in design mode that I have this euphoric state of excitement. How Henry Ford must have felt or the Wright brothers. 

There is nothing more exciting than sketching something out.

And one good piece of advice I have to share before I go too far, from a recent speech by David Allen, Author of Getting Things Done, is to get whatever that idea is that’s been milling around your head, down on paper, iPad, or whatever tool you have near you.

Get it down.

Make some notes.

Sketch it out.

The most visionary people of our time were just willing to stop and write down that big idea before it left their head.

Here are some tools to help me get my ideas down on paper:



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