How does one win the lock in effect?

The effect of a compelling offer that gets a consumer to “lock in” right there and then.

From recent experience, this is accomplished by serving up a compelling offer at the right time in the sales process.

As Ben Affleck said in Boiler Room, “A sale is made on every call, either you sell them on why they should buy or they sell you on why they can’t.”

Another great tactic and great Entourage line is from Martin Landau, as producer Bob Ryan on the show, “Instead of the ivy, what if I could offer you the best steak you have ever had prepared by my personal chef, is that something you might be interested in.”

The “can’t say no” offer is what gets us every time. Why do you think the infomercial world is so lucrative? A world built on getting us on the hook with “wait, there’s more!”

The moral of the story is challenge yourself and your team to think of compelling closing offers that don’t damage your brand and maybe then you will win the “lock in effect.”

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