Getting rid of the “What a shame” Folder


One of my favorite shows of all time is the West Wing and just recently I was watching a particular episode in Season 5 when Josh (played by Bradley Whitford) has been smacked down after a foolish mistake offending a Senator, and his aide Donna (played by Janel Moloney), in the absence of things to do for Josh, pulls out the “What a shame” folder.

This folder’s contents is described as “all of things we wanted to do but didn’t” folder.

We all have one of these. Marketing ideas that never saw the light of day. That advertising strategy that would have changed the game. That brand strategy that would have stories written about it.  That product sketch or app idea that would set the world on fire. Or maybe, just maybe, that customer initiative that would have changed lives.

Here’s to never letting those die.  Here’s to getting those ideas out of the folder and presenting them to the people that can give you the power to make them happen.  Or, here’s to the business owners today who decided that they would make their life’s work out of that folder and took the leap and started that business they always dreamed about to fulfill those promises.

The point is, we all have these folders, and they WILL change the game and potentially. lives.  So why not open yours today and find out what’s inside.  Make that “What a shame” folder become the “Boy, I am glad we did THAT” folder.

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