Generating Leads & Demand With Content

Trouble: That’s what most businesses are in these days because of declining sales and eroding brands. Twenty-first century challenges have left marketing departments wondering what the fix is or where their solution lies.

Providing value is nothing new. However, today’s economic conditions and the rapid rise of a more finicky consumer has the buzzword of the day, content, in the mainstream marketing conversation. Providing valuable content to your “fence-line” customers can turn the most cynical of the bunch into avid fans. When done correctly, content creates two very powerful consumer acquisition tools: one being value and the other being storytelling.


Successful politicians have been using storytelling for ages because of one simple fact: it works. From the beginning of time, influence and power have been wielded by those who are effective storytellers and in turn, the more effective persuaders. Netflix’s breakout hit House of Cards showcases this type of unsurpassed persuasion in the form of Kevin Spacey’s brilliantly acted character, Vice President Francis Underwood.

While conniving, dark, infinitely sadistic, and twisted, Francis understands that the skill of storytelling and persuasion is his top weapon because those who use persuasion best, win.

It’s simple really.

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