I was inspired by this sketch and video that I saw passing through twitter the other day. Gary Vaynerchuk is one of my favorite guys out there, because of one main thing, He inspires. He says to his audience in this speech that if they are in the audience, they will succeed and will kill it in the future. Like Maverick, I like that in a pilot. I like that a speaker will say, for having listened to me, you are going to succeed. His speech focuses on many main points including passion, hustle, caring for people (everyone) and working for it. He mentioned having to blog for 17 months, every single day, to get noticed. With that, I set out on this journey, even with the potential that no one will read this other than my wife, dog, kids and parents. I am going to try to explain something I have learned every day in life or on the job. At the end of the day, this mission is to show myself I can do something and stick to it knowing that maybe no one will read it. So here’s to this blog about whatever is in my head. May it entertain my parents for years to come.

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