I heard a podcast today from Seth Godin, one of my favorite marketers, bloggers and authors (like many of us).

Seth’s new book (coming out soon) title, The Icarus deception, stems from the parable of Icarus, who was given wings by his father and was warned that if he flies too close to sun danger would be imminent.

As the story goes, Icarus ignored his father and flew to close to the sun and his wings were melted and he fell to his death.

From what I gathered from Seth’s example is too many of us are paralyzed by the fear that, even without being told, if we fly too close to the sun, we will die, or better yet our ideas or businesses will.

Seth ended the podcast with a piece of advice that stuck with me. It was (in my interpretation) that we should challenge ourselves to fly high, to take risks and those that can fly close enough to the sun and not get burnt will be the true game changers in this life.

I will challenge myself and all those around me to take risks, fly high, because God instills in all of us very special talents and its up to us to take those skills and rise as high as we can and put a dent in the universe. (A little Steve Jobs to finish my blog ;)

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