How To Write An Awesome Blog Post Fast! [60 Minutes Or Less]

How To Write An Awesome Blog Post Fast! [60 Minutes Or Less]

Read Time: 5 Minutes


You’re tired.

You’re at the end of a long day and for whatever your reasons are, you are going to get that blog post done TONIGHT!

You want to stay consistent or maybe you want to prove to your boss that you can meet his or her deadline.

Whatever the case may be, it has to get done tonight.

As you sit in your office chair or at your table all you see is a blinking cursor before you.

“Man I want to go to bed…” runs through your mind.

The method below will help you get from keyboard to headboard as fast as you so desire…so buckle up.

Step 1 – The Topic

My methods for topic generation are in some ways cerebral and some ways lazy ass.

I need a solid topic and I need one fast.  Something that will wow the reader.

Let’s first start with what posts work.

Through my research, these are fail safes when it comes to topics:

  • Lists – Example: 7 Ways to Write a Killer Blog Post
  • “How to” Posts – Example: How to Write a Killer Blog Post in 60 Minutes or Less (Look familiar)
  • Analyze a problem – Example: Why Most People Struggle with Weight Loss

If you can’t get any inspiration try these two things:

  1. Think about your day – What problem was either solved for you that you could explain or what problem did you solve for someone else that people would like to read about.
  2. Try a Blog Post Idea Generator – Go ahead, cheat a little. Try the blog post generators below.  Remember, if you are stuck, you will not get this post done quickly and we want something awesome and fast.  These tools will help get the keys clicking.


Step 2 – Write an outline

Next step is to rough out an outline.

Just start writing sub-topics.  Say we are writing about “How to Get started with your WordPress Blog.”

Just start jotting things down that would go into creating this post:

  • Mission for the Blog
  • Personal Commitment
  • Snazzy URL Selection
  • Hosting
  • Selecting a Cool Theme
  • Logo
  • Plugins
  • First Post

[For the record, I did that outline above in under 3 minutes, whew are my hands tired]

A great video to watch about this is Pat Flynn‘s “method to writing” where he uses Post It Notes to do this kind of sped up outlining.  Watch the video here:

Outlining will get you on the way to blog writing success in no time.

Step 3 – Fill in the blanks

This, along with headlines, is the most time intensive part.


But, with a great topic that is getting you inspired and a great outline, you are ready to fly through the writing section.

TIP: Don’t stop for grammar and spelling

At first, this will be extremely hard but trust me, if you just free write and come back to edit during the next step, you can knock this post out fast.

Take the outline, similar to what we did above and write 1-2 paragraphs on each sub-topic.

BOOM, you’ve got yourself a blog post….almost.

Step 4 – Edit (READ IT OUT LOUD)

Editing is a critical step in the process because if you do not read your work (or have someone read it for you), you are setting yourself up to lose trust with your followers. Nothing is more important in the early stages of blogging than gaining trust.

Here is an ultra-simple hack for editing.

READ IT OUT LOUD. [That’s me yelling at you]

Seriously, read it out loud. As painful as it might seem you will cut down on your editing time by as much as half.  You will not only catch things you might never have caught but it gives you a chance to improve your voice and tone.

Writing should, at its simplest form, be conversational.

You should look at your writing as an extension of your voice, not your brain.  Our brains tend to over complicate things.  Our mouths tend to simplify our thoughts [See “Foot in Mouth” disease].

Write like you speak.  That’s why reading your work out loud will help you speed up the process of catching an alternative voice, weird grammatical errors, missed words and spelling errors so you can get to the next step, which is….

Quick Tool:

Step 5 – Crafting a compelling Headline

Crafting a compelling headline should take as much time as anything else within the post.  This could possibly take the last 20 minutes before you make a quick image and send this post packing or save it down one last time.

Some great formulas for headlines are as follows:

  1. The List headline – similar to the topic we could have chosen above
  2. The “How to” headline – again, similar to the topic we might have chosen above
  3. The “clickbait” headline – Headlines that leave the mind with an “un-closed loop” that leaves us wanting to find out whats on the other side.  Example “You won’t believe this amazing thing that changed my entire life…”
  4. The Instant Clarity Headline – End Result Customer Wants + Specific Period of Time + Address the Objections – Example: Lose 20 Pounds in One Week Without Starving Yourself

Choose one of these and you are well on your way.

The next tactic is to test it.  To do that, Google “Headline Analyzer.”  Multiple sites will come up but the one from CoSchedule is my favorite.

It gives you a grade, tracks your iterations, shows you how it will look in Google, analyzes your words and leaves you feeling either crappy because your headline stinks (just kidding) or great that you have tweaked it to perfection.


Step 6 – Make a Solid Image to go with the Post

Before you are finished, you need a great image.  With all great blog posts, comes a great image.


Glad you asked.

Engagement for blog posts and social posts alike go up (for me) over 100% in engagement when an image is attached or featured.

Images are absolutely necessary with each and every blog post.

My chosen tools are below, but by far my favorite is

I love Canva.

Once you create an account, select the “Twitter Post” template at the top to get started.

You can upload your own images or create a solid background to use as your base.

Don’t skip this step, this can make or break your post, especially on social media.


Step 7 – Publish

Time to set it free.

As one of my virtual mentor’s, Seth Godin likes to say – Ship it.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take so once you have written a good outline, scribed a good post, edited and given your post a solid headline, it’s time to turn it lose and let the world decide whether you are worthy.

Don’t be afraid.  Fail fast and get back up and do it again. One day you will wake up and you won’t be staring failure in the face any longer, you will be smiling at success.

Good luck and let me know if you need anything –!

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