Ep. 3: UserTesting.com’s Stef Miller

Digital Tools to Grow Podcast – 3: UserTesting.com – Lead Marketer Stef Miller

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On this episode, I welcome UserTesting.com’s Stef Miller, one of their lead marketers.

We have great discussion about in-house content teams, conversion rates, how getting real people to look at your pages can tell you a whole new story.

Again, the URL where you can check out this amazing digital tool is:


Important links from the show:

Golden Nuggets:

  • The mission is to help their customers get valuable information from their user base to improve their experience
  • Everytime they get a new hire, they make them sign up for UserTesting and run a study to dig into the tool
  • Test your messages to get simpler and clearer communication
  • 50,000 testers and access to up to 1M People so you can target your test down to the exact demographic you are looking for.  This = better data

2 For the Road – My Guest Recommends 2 Tools for You:


Stef’s contact information to learn more:



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