DTTG Podcast – Ep. 8 – 9 Digital Tools I was Thankful for this Thanksgiving

9 Tools I am thankful for this Thanksgiving – 2015

Solo show this week.  Let me know if you like these types of episodes by hitting me up on Twitter – @DrewBedard

1. Grum.co

Automation for Instagram

2. ProductHunt.com

The holy grail of new and useful tech tools

3. Quuu.co

Handcrafted content for your social media channels.  Connects to Buffer

4. Notifier by ContentMarketer.io

Notify the people in your blog post, via twitter, that you mentioned them.  GROW Your authority.

5. Canva.com

Graphic design for the rest of us.  My go to graphic program for everyday jobs.

6. Betterment (Click on this link to get no-fees for 30 days – a penny saved is a penny earned)

My chosen robo-investing platform.  Great support, super low fees and more.  Don’t waste another second with just any financial planner.  Take control of your financials future.

Honorable mention: Tony Robbins’ book MONEY: Master the Game

7. MailChimp.com

The best starter email service provider out there.  Get started for free today.  BUILD YOUR LIST.

8. Evernote.com (Click this link to try Evernote Premium for free)

My digital brain.  The best note taking service ever invented.

9. Fiverr.com (Click on this link for a FREE $5 GIG to try it out)

$5 (or a little more) to take some of those cumbersome tasks off your hands.  Check it out.

Have a great week!


Digital Tools to Grow Podcast – 8 – 9 Digital Tools I am Thankful for this Thanksgiving

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