3 Keys To Public Speaking Success and When to Have Necessary Endings

Dr. Henry Cloud was one of the best speakers at this year’s Chick-Fil-A Leadercast because of a few extremely fundamental public speaking tactics:

  1. Humor – Guy was funny and that loosens everyone up
  2. Ups and downs – He told you the challenge, then the solution – see Nancy Duarte
  3. Stories that resonate – Personal, funny and relatable

Those 3 simple keys can make your speech a success.

Dr. Cloud’s topic dealt with necessary endings, also the title of his newest book. ¬†Those critical moments in an organizations life-cycle when, although painful, it’s time to tell someone and some initiative goodbye.

The reason he called them necessary endings are two fold:

  1. They are usually best for the person AND….
  2. They are usually best for the organization

He equated these scenarios to the upkeep of Rose bushes, and gave 3 concrete examples of necessary endings for the Rose bush so that the flowers (your A players or the organization as a whole) can prosper and bloom:

  1. Clip the non-prospering roses to let the nutrients get to the flourishing roses. Do this with even the roses that have potential but you know will never quite get there
  2. Clip the sick and dying roses.  Ones that are bringing down the organization and if they stay, could take down the whole bush
  3. Clip the dead roses. Create a quick and necessary ending with people (roses) that are poison to the organization.

Great advice from a very interesting guy.

Take care!

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