Everyone has them.  Is yours going to save the world? Maybe.

Is mine? Maybe.

But no one will ever know about these genius ideas unless you tell someone about them.

I had one of those just recently.  That do all of the things that good ideas should do: Solve problems.

My idea, my solution, is called ReadyCallMe. You know those silly contact forms on people’s websites that say “Enter your information here, we’ll call you?”  Well the idea stems from that.

In my work life we send lots of email blasts. LOTS OF EMAIL BLASTS.

But we have two main “Calls to Action” on each blast.  Click or call (I sound like John Krasinski from those Esurance commercials).

Sounds like every email blast you have ever seen right?

Well, my product is in between that.

A solution based on the age old need to stop waiting in line and have someone wait on me.

ReadyCallMe would, in essence, become a 3rd CTA for brands to say this:

If you don’t want to click, and don’t want to call, click this button….and we’ll call you.

If you want to know the rest of the idea, email me, we’ll talk numbers ;).

But that idea isn’t worth shit if I don’t pitch someone.  So first I am pitching you and then maybe someday I will get the balls to go pitch someone else.  You know in a room with windows and use slides etc.  :)

Fail or not, that will be a good day.

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