One of my favorite shows (period) is the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri.

And no, its not because of Guy’s insatiable wit or his bad-ass red sports car, its because of the restaurants and the food featured on the show.

Watching the other night, here is one thing that struck me about every freakin joint on there, they all do the same things right and they should be a lesson for every brand out there.


  • Make a superior product – Every place on there makes ridiculously good food through time, care and commitment.
  • Treat their customers with extreme care – Excellence in one-to-one attention and customer care. They know that referrals only happen if the food’s good and service is great
  • True to their brand – Every one of these places is committed to being THE BEST at a certain thing, be it fish, waffles or fried chicken, they make a commitment to being known for a certain dish or environment thats makes their brand’s stand out

I am sure there are more things these places all do right but from my point of view, these items are the common characteristics that are all extremely important to building a non-perishable brand.

Roll out!

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