Digital Tools To Grow Podcast – Ep. 6 – Alex Berman from

Episode 6 with Alex Berman –

InspireBeats is a digital platform built as a Targeted And Qualified All in one Lead Generation Solution for Your Business.

Chief Marketing Sumo Alex Berman Joined us this week to talk all things InspireBeats including the mission, what the brand does to get DEEP leads for their customers and how they do it at a very modest monthly cost.

Notes from the show:

  1. Alex likes to troll Noah Kagan with his title Chief Marketing Sumo
  2. The mission of the brand is to give their clients not only deep leads but the mechanism to reach out to those cold leads in an effective way
  3. Average cost of a lead through their system is roughly $3.00 per lead which is pretty low by industry standards

2 for the road – 2 Tools Alex loves:

  1. Google Drive – really all of the Google suite and we “fan boy” that system for a minute or two
  2. – “Simply, beautiful scheduling” is their tagline. Great solution for managing appoints on multiple Google Calendars


10 Sales Hacks they learned from sending over 1,000,000 cold emails

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Digital Tools to Grow Podcast – Ep. 6 –’s Alex Berman – Deep Lead Generation

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