Digital Tools to Grow Podcast – 1: CEO Michael Cheng

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On this episode, I am honored to welcome Michael Cheng, the CEO of, to the show.

We have an awesome discussion around Being an entrepreneur, coming up with something that was a need and a pain and how to get results from social media sharing.

Again, the URL where you can check out this amazing digital tool is:

Important links from the show:

Golden Nuggets:

  • Business started from a question – “What is your return on investment from curating content?” – The tool helps solve that
  • As a CEO, very important to stay close to customer service to understand what customers NEED
  • Conversions are different to everyone, what is your? Use to help reach those goals
  • How can you combine great tools for great power

2 For the Road – 2 Tools that the guest uses to make their lives better:

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