Choosing an advertising path is so hard, because brand is so important

We are very close to choosing an advertising path for 2013 and there is a question that keeps haunting me. Are we representing our brand, the brand people love, well with our advertising path?

Brands have become an emotional attachment for all of us. Consumers buy the brand, not the product. It’s what I buy Apple products. It’s why people snatched up Air Jordan’s back in the day like candy. Nike made you feel, if you bought those shoes, you could fly. Brand attachments are tied into our everyday lives. They make us feel something that nothing else can. A sense of cool, a sense of pride, a sense of escape.

And the brand I work for makes you feel a sense of belonging. That you belong to something bigger than yourself. A family. Almost like you are in a secret backwoods club that only a few know about, and you are one of them.

Advertising is a tool that helps spread awareness. Awareness that you have a product to sell and hopefully, if you like what you saw or heard enough, you will buy that product. But can advertising be more than just an awareness vehicle? Can it be a visual and audible representation of the brand? I think in some ways it can.

And that’s what haunts me. Will we let the opportunity go by to truly represent that emotional feeling when you step on our property and the sense of belonging it brings? Can we articulate the feeling you get when you hear God Bless America or when a wreck happens right in front of you?

The questions go on and on.

I’m not sure we can but I know this, it’s my job to try.

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