Nothing hits me more (being in the entertainment business) on a daily basis than our ability to change someone’s life.
I am very fortunate to have children. I adore them and cherish every moment with them and it floors me sometimes to think that my influence will change their life.
Brands have this opportunity as well but normally choose not to manifest these moments and I think that is a mistake.
Most brands carry on a sort of a “status quo” mentality when it comes to their customers. Woo them, sell them products, give them good customer service, hopefully they buy again. That’s the process. Onto the next thing.
But taking them time to think how you, a personal or business brand, can change someone’s life for the better, without any selfish desire involved, that’s something to strive for.
Ask yourself today, “how can I/we change someone’s life,” and I promise those will be the moments you will look back on with incredible pride.

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