Business mailings are not easy. But if you take the time to plan, cost things out and take action and actually mail the darn thing out, you can get results.

Not just financial results but relationship results.

Snail mail, as most people call it, may be a dying medium but the plain fact is, people still love getting mail.

I had the privilege of working on our most recent magazine, and subsequent mailing, at work and it was a terrific experience, despite bumps along the way. But when that magazine landed at my house, in my mailbox, with my name on the wrapper, it was exhilarating.

I still enjoy getting mail. So do most people and when I say that not only can it be a financially successful enterprise, it can build a bond between the sender and receiver.

Its not cheap, but valuable relationships seldom are. You need to invest time, and money, into people you really care about and I believe mailings, while difficult sometimes to get together, are well worth the effort.

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