Beginners Guide to Snapchat – 5 Tips To Get Started on Snapchat Today

Let’s face it, Snapchat is big business these days….


And some people still look for tips for Snapchat beginners knowing that not everyone has joined the Snapchat bandwagon yet. And it’s not as bad everyone thinks it is. Sure. It was controversial for a time. But it only becomes dangerous for you if you take a pic of your genitals on Snapchat and lose track of who views it. So, in case there are features about Snapchat that you haven’t learned or used yet, here’s a rundown of tips for Snapchat beginners.


Tip #1 for Snapchat Beginners:

Download to sign up using your mobile number

Snapchat is still a mobile-dependent app. So even if you have an email address, it’s still a backup feature that you can use for verification purposes. And since you’d be using Snapchat on your mobile device anyway, might as well have your mobile number ready for it. Why a mobile number is needed? Tips for Snapchat beginners aged 14 and above, that number will be used to verify your identity as well. If you’re below 14 years old, you’d be directed to SnapKidz, an app where you may make snaps but only for your own pleasure. You can’t send or receive snaps or add friends at SnapKidz.


Tip #2 for Snapchat Beginners:

Add friends

Snapchat will use your mobile device to check which among your friends have the app too. It is one of the main draws of Snapchat. So one of the crucial tips for Snapchat beginners is checking which friends would end up seeing your snaps once you added them to your Snapchat contact list. In short, you have the option to pick only a handful of your contacts to view your snaps.

You realize the advantage of being given the option to add contacts instead just letting the app auto-add the contacts to Snapchat. This made it one of the important tips for Snapchat beginners. Can you imagine other people who may not be that close to you that ended up seeing your snaps? Sometimes you just want to express yourself as a person with less inhibitions and not be too public. Just to be safe.


The other big tip for adding followers or friends is the sharing by Snapcode.


  1. On the “Take a picture screen” go to the Snap icon at the top of your screen
  2. Tap your face or Snapcode
  3. Tap the Box with Arrow pointing up in the top right
  4. Save Photo or Video to your phone or email or text right to a person you want to follow you
  5. OR……once you save down that screen shot of your snapcode, post of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others to spread the snap love


Tip #3 for Snapchat Beginners:

Setting the filters

Filters were/are popular on Instagram. This obviously explained why Snapchat offered this feature too. Because at some point you’d be using them. It’s found at Additional Services on the Settings. Apart from filters, you’d find the front-facing flash, power-saving mode and special text features in it. It’s one of the tips for Snapchat beginners that the “veterans” easily remember due to their preoccupation with filters. It’s cute.  Filters have however gotten a little crazy (see Jimmy Fallon Rainbow filter below) so be careful. :)



Tip #4 for Snapchat Beginners:

Start snapping

Probably the only automatic feature Snapchat has so far is the camera feature. This is where you start taking a picture once your phone is on camera mode. Works best for mobile devices that let you switch from the rear camera to the front camera in case you haven’t read between the lines in our list of tips for Snapchat beginners. Tap the circle at the bottom of the screen to take a picture. Tap and hold the same circle to record videos. Videos go as long as 10 seconds. Add a caption for your friends to see once they receive your snap.


Tip #5 for Snapchat Beginners:


fire snap

Perhaps the cutest novelty that Snapchat offered is doodling on your own photos. Learning to doodle on your first snaps start by locating the pencil tool. It’s at the top right corner for you to tap. In case you’d like to correct the doodles made inadvertently, just tap the arrow at the left side of the pencil to undo the doodle.


Snapchat is fun especially once you have mastered the various tweaks and doodles that you can do on your own face. Best enjoyed when bored or trying to impress your friends. Just keep tab of these tips for Snapchat beginners in case you failed to execute some doodles or snaps. Have fun with Snapchat.

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