My Dad instilled in me that whatever you do, whatever job you are given, be the best you possibly can be at THAT JOB.

Too many of us are looking for the fast pass (Disney style) to notoriety, fame, money, power, a promotion etc.

The problem is, we forget to live in the now. We forget that if we don’t do this job well, the one I am currently tasked with, there will be no promotion, money, power and fame that follows it.

This one principle, above all others, has guided me to a semi-successful start to my career. I say semi-successful because I am still young in my career and I have major flaws that need to get worked out before long term Richard Branson-like success kicks in. Nonetheless, I have followed this idea because I have learned, like most of us do through trial and error, that this was the only way to get you where you want to go.

Do the best job you can do today. Be the best janitor, teacher, cab driver, father, husband or even marketer you can be, today! Because after we wade through all of the other professional crap, that principle will guide us and the companies that we dedicate ourselves to, on the path we desire, and that path is up.

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