(Sorry for the picture, just thought it was funny)

I passed a drug store (one of the big ones) a couple weeks back before the “Big Game” (I love that we have to call it that) and noticed something strange.

A sale on Chips? On Super Bowl Sunday? Huh?

For most companies a sale on Super Sunday is not a surprise. I get it. Take advantage of the spike in commerce and try to drive some revenue by selling an increased number of items.

But why have a sale on arguably the number one item on the shelves for that particular day?

To drive traffic? Ok, maybe.

But heres my beef. Why take revenue dollars off the table when YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO SELL CHIPS. Lots of them!

A better product for that day would have been a complementary product or something with solid “every day” sell through. Then you drive traffic into the stores to get the complimentary product, and sell your chips and salsa for full price.

Sell your destination items for full price when you can because the day after that demand goes away…POOF, the revenue goes away with it.

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