7 Reasons You Should Be on Google+


I am a big fan of Google+. Period.

Experts like Chris Brogan and Robert Scoble are huge advocates for the still young “social network” (just turned 2 years old) for a reason.
In his book Google+ for Business, Brogan boasts that “Google+ is built toward making it easier for people to FIND YOU and connect with you.”

Over the past few months I have grown quite fond of the land of Google Glass and Hangouts and here are my 7 reasons I think you should join me on Google+:

1. Integration with other Google Services

  • I, like a lot of people, use a plethora of Google Services and Google+ is baked into every single one, one way or another. Whether it’s the fast follow features in Gmail or Google Search or its quick share features from Calendar and YouTube, G+ makes life simpler for me and I like that.

2. It’s beautiful

  • Google+’s redesigns (and there have been many) have made the interface into a stunning work of digital design. So beautiful in fact that Facebook looks poised to closely mimic Google+’s look in their next iteration of the news feed.

3. Your mother and father are not on it (maybe they are, but your family isn’t)

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother, father, godmother, brothers, sisters, cousins etc. but Google+ feels like a safe haven for me and my posts. Facebook has become overrun by not only ads, but your brother’s sister uncle’s dog who comments on your life. Not everyone understands Google+ and that’s good for those that need some breathing room. :)

4. Hangouts

  • Hangouts have made online chatting cool to me. FaceTime is reserved so the grandparents can see the kids. Skype has always felt a little creepy to me but Hangouts have found a sweet spot somewhere in between and since they can be broadcast on the G+ interface and YouTube, I am a fan.

5. There are no ads (Yet)

  • For the business pages I am involved with I am looking forward to being able to build those pages through ads, but for right now it’s a nice place to be without the constant bombardment of ads by Clash of the Clans.

6. Ranking in Google Search

  • Yowser, I love this one. I have been absolutely shocked and amazed by the posts that I place and the rankings they get in Google Search. We have seen examples that if we title something right (TIP: Focus on your headline in your posts. Make sure the headlines are search optimized and you may surprise yourself where you show up) that a high ranking, first page in fact, is not far behind.

7. Google Authorship

  • Google Authorship gives you the ability to link your written content on a domain to your Google+ profile. This allows Google to create a linkage between you and all of your activities. Likes, dislikes, specialties etc.

Google+ has grown exponentially due to their enormous Google user count but I believe they will continue to grow because of the refreshing interface, integration into search and exciting product innovations.

To start a G+ page today go to https://plus.google.com/. Oh, and add me to your circle. I look forward to talking to you over there!


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