Here are 6 Great sites to get Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Where can you find the best royalty free stock photos (so you don’t get fined)?

One of the toughest challenges for bloggers today is finding the best royalty-free stock photos to use in articles. Why? Because stock photos have become profitable (for sites like Getty etc).

Of course even if you paid for the photos, you still end up crediting the site from which you bought images used in your latest article. If you have the option to use the best royalty-free stock photos without having to pay anything, you should. The least you could do in return is credit the source. That is optional in the Creative Commons License. And so the following sources are ideal for bloggers and similar content providers to farm royalty-free images with.

Jay Mantri

The mere sight of the “Follow” button beside the “Dashboard” button gives you an idea that it’s a Tumblr site. Hosting the best royalty-free stock photos for everyone to use seemed like a hobby for him being a freelance photographer. On the other hand, most of the images here are wallpaper material. High resolution photos of still life are posted by month.

FireShot Capture 14 - jay mantri - http___jaymantri.com_

The home page may remind you a little of Photobucket if you have been to that site. Except that most images shared here don’t have watermarks. Their photos lately leaned towards the holiday season. But you can see most business-related images among the best royalty-free stock photos. Laptop shots from different angles, notepads, mobile phones and other items reminiscent of how business has gone technologically dependent as of late. Of course the gratuitous food pics make it to the list. - Beautiful Free Stock Photos (CC0) - https___stocksnap.io_


The best royalty-free stock photos in high resolution meant images with stark clarity. You can see the fibers on a freshly-popped cotton plant. You can squint your eyes at the sight of a bright sunlight seeping between the tree trunks in a forest in autumn. You can even see the circles on wood used to build a bridge. Splitshire takes pride in the more than 700,000 downloaded images to anyone in need of stock photos since it’s conception in 23 January 2014. And they offer a premium bundle of about 500 stock photos a bundle.

SplitShire - Free Stock Photos and Images for co_ - http___www.splitshire.com_


From the architectural to the landscape to the aerial and naturally creepy among the best royalty-free stock photos online. Creepy refers to the random shot of a crocodile staring straight to the camera. The randomness of some nature-based photos add drama to some of the images. Not all of them are in color because some images weave their appeal better in sepia or B&W shots. Some images seem vintage not only because of the sepia effect but because of the items included in among the best royalty-free stock photos. Bloggers that needed models within stock photos would find the images that they need here too.

Unsplash I High-Resolution Photos - https___unsplash.com_

Life of Pix

The home page itself clarified that all high resolution images found here contain no copyright restrictions. Perfect for content providers that need the best royalty-free stock photos for their articles without the hassle of another content provider or graphics artist charging them for the used photo. Most marketing bloggers would trust content found here as it is the only stock photo website affiliated with an actual advertising agency – Leeroy Advertising Agency. Its database of the best royalty-free stock photos are from the efforts of their in-house photographers accustomed to the demands of copywriters and proofreaders. Little wonder why affiliate marketers who host and write on their own blogs would subscribe to Life of Pix for their weekly stock photo fix.

New Old Stock

Whoever thought that vintage photos are just part of a fad must have miscalculated his or her prediction. There is a reason why photo restoration rakes in the bucks in the so-called millenial age. Some of the best royalty-free stock photos need not be perfect. They just need to be appropriate for the topics you write online as well as the posts that you share on your respective social media pages. It also saves you the hassle of restoring personal photos for the world to gawk at. There is no need to hang your dirty laundry online when there are vintage stock photo providers such as New Old Stock.

Images are found all over the internet for your personal or business usage. Crediting the source for the image (or images) used in your website content still makes the ultimate difference for courtesy purposes when it comes to the best royalty-free stock photos. Think of the contacts and business relationships that you develop in this process too. In building your audience for your website, don’t forget the help you received from royalty-free image providers such as the websites listed above.

New Old Stock - http___nos.twnsnd.co_

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