Here are a few tools I am loving THIS week
  1. TinyPNG
    • TinyPNG is one of those simple but extremely useful tools, almost elementary. Simply put, it takes large PNG files and compresses them with no quality loss so you can put them on your website or in an email that needs smaller files.
  2. Typeforms
    • One I discovered from (it’s how they get Content Submissions) and wow, was I impressed.  Typeforms make surveying easy, fun, interactive and beautiful.  Research geeks out there? You’ll love this one.
  3. Notifier by
    • Boy do I love me some Sujan Patel.  The dude not only makes smart products, his newsletter is the best I subscribe too.  Sujan’s flagship company, just recently came out with Notifier, a lightning fast content analyzer to see who is mentioned in your post.  Then they have templates for you to tweet at those people to “notify” them that you have mentioned them.  I am sure I will use it with this post.
  4. Patreon
    • A super cool idea to let Content creators get donations from their audience in the form of “per post” donations or monthly gives.  Really cool for those, like me, that slave over new content for their audience but get $1-$2 per month from Adwords and other sources.
    • Here is my account if you would like to help a brother out -> CLICK HERE
    • As the brand says, webcasts, webinars and virtual conferences that don’t suck. Can’t wait to take this one for a spin.  The problem with most webinars systems is that they are not truly turn key, this one seems to be.  From signup to presentation day and then integrated features like polling and Q&A, this tool seems pretty solid.


Here is my Unboxing video of Notifier by – CLICK HERE if you can’t see it:


Have a great weekend!

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