Here are 5 Tools I am loving this week:

    • Very impressed by this “build anything without code” system.  Basically, their promise is that without any knowledge of how to code websites/web apps, you could get something up and running in as little as 30 minutes but more likely more time than that if you want something great. Their tutorials are very user-friendly and they make this non-coder feel like the dream of building a Saas app is now a reality.
  2. Facebook Design Resources
    • A small collection of design resources for designers.  From “phone hands” design kits to “how to” tutorials, this looks like something they are building for the future.  Nice little freebie site from Facebook.
    • Now this one gets me excited.  An automated Instagram web app. YES! Now, beware, Instagram has routinely shut down Instagram “automators” in the past and this one might fall victim to it too, but I hope not, because this one is AWESOME. Modest pricing and account toggling (the biggest pain point for social media managers)
  4. Resumator
    • Super simple resume builder. Resumes are generally ugly and painful to build and maintain.  This makes it fairly simple.  Give it a try, it’s actually fun to use.
  5. Chatterbox for Pericope
    • Very cool new tool to use with Periscope to make your audience interaction even better and more engaging. A chrome extension, chatterbox logs your “chatter” so you can go back and reference questions AND you can poll and survey your audience. Live polling and engaging your audience is one of the most useful tactics in marketing to more deeply understand what your customers want


Here is my live review aka. “unboxing” of (mentioned above). Enjoy!

One thought on “5 Tool Friday

  1. Hello, Drew Bedard! Thanks for mentioning in your article and for your nice words, we really appreciate that :) By the way, Grum is definitely not going to be shut down, because we work in strict compliance with Instagram/Facebook Terms of Use for absolute safety. So we’ll continue developing our tool to keep you excited!

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