5 Great Hosting Services for Your WordPress Site

5 Great Hosting Services for Your WordPress Site

More and more businesses like you are starting to wonder where to host your WordPress site. Everyone has realized how it’s no longer enough to have a free account at WordPress and expect the business to trickle in. eCommerce companies have been killing several competitors with their content. Soon enough, you need to monetize that content found on your site. Perhaps you’d archive old articles for updating them in your new webhost. But which host really does the job? Is it about their services or about your needs as a webmaster? Time to analyze some of them.

Inmotion Hosting

Lately, Inmotion Hosting is one of the recommended sites from several tech-based blogs. That is if the positive feedback from more than 24,000 satisfied customers would be based from. Where to host your WordPress site when you need a second, third or fourth opinion? It’s not that you find it hard to decide on something this crucial in terms of launching your business online. Endorsements from CNET and Better Business Bureau (BBB) helped in getting the word out better than before. CNET has been applauding them for 13 years now.

Where to host your WordPress site when price is a concern? Inmotion Hosting has 3 plans in store to help you decide. Their Launch plan comes with a free domain, unlimited disk space counted in GB, monthly transfer and free data backups. All of these for only $5.99 a month. Real value for your money. It also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. That’s how confident are they of their hosting services.


Sometimes all you need to get started is a free domain. Where to host your WordPress site when you’re still waiting for freebies? Don’t worry. It’s not a bad thing. Also, this is Bluehost, trusted by business leaders worldwide to power about 2 million websites. The free domain comes with a website space that goes up to 50 GB, unmetered bandwidth and 5 parked domains. All for the price of only $3.49 per month. Email storage can fit in up to 100 MB per account.

Some technopreneurs would rather take the unlimited deal though. From the unlimited number of domains to the unlimited number of website space to the unlimited email storage. Perfect for marketers that use email marketing strategies regularly. With high performance included, it becomes a truly valuable deal for only $13.95 per month. 2 Spam Experts included.

Here is my video to take you through a 9 minute WordPress install with Bluehost. It’s super simple! CLICK HERE


Where to host your WordPress site when you have a budget to stick to? SiteGround got that covered with their $3.95 startup plan per month. Good for 1 domain with 10GB web space. Basically the kind of hosting plan you’d recommend to beginners and skeptics about getting their own domain. Transferring to SiteGround is free of charge along with the free template and installation. Response time occurs in less than a minute. Just seconds in case 15 seconds felt like forever. Backups are done daily. And protection is developed at server-level fixes. Caching is dependent on Nginx, GrowBig and GoGeek through the WordPress SuperCacher.

Web Hosting


Where to host your WordPress site when you have several of them? It gets worse when you don’t feel like dropping any of them just to fit the requirement of at least one domain. This makes Hostgator still relevant to businesses today in need of a web hosting services for more than one domain. At $6.96 per month, Hostgator cann provide unlimited number of domains. This becomes essential when you have several products or product lines. When you know that you can’t have just one domain, you go to Hostgator for your domain shopping spree. Think of all the domain names that you can reserve at that price per month.

HostGator Web Hosting

A2 Hosting

Where to host your WordPress site when your issue is speed? At the moment, it is the most underrated concern. So A2 Hosting set up a web hosting service that kept itself faster than the competition. Quite a bold claim until you read on their Lite plan that faster websites that they hosted are arranged where each server has fewer users. Servers that they appropriately named SwiftServers. It’s a tough guess how many servers do they have and how many users do each server allow to maintain the speed consistency.

A2 Hosting’s dedication to fast internet is proved by one of their pages explaining the basics of their web hosting service. By resorting to plain text with the exception of the last line for linking purposes. This feature is already covered in their Lite plan for as low as only $3.92 per month. The Turbo Server included in the Lite plan also promises up to 20 times faster in terms page loads. A really attractive deal.

What do you recommend?

So which works for you? Where to host your WordPress site when you have several companies to consider? Whether it’s about price, net speed or performance, this list got it covered for you. All that is left for you to do is answer the question on where to host your WordPress site.

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