4 Tools To Help You Send Large Files Instead of Using Email

Shipping files online used to be done by email alone. Uploading clips or similar media used to be done on YouTube and similar video uploading websites. But with freelance artists outsourcing some of their tasks online, the need to find tools to ship bigger files meant skipping the email attachment process.

You need to transfer a huge file without spending forever on your email attachment getting done. If you don’t feel like taking that process forever, pick any of the four (4) new and revamped tools.

4 Tools To Help You Send Large Files Instead of Using Email

1. WeTransfer

Need to transfer a huge file anonymously at no cost? WeTransfer is your tool. Main advantage compared to the rest of file-sharing sites is the anonymity.. No need to sign up for an account to upload a file and score a link. You need to have at least an email address. Your email address and the email addresses of people with whom you plan to share a certain file with.

File size applicable to this file-sharing service is maximum of 2GB. You can transfer a huge file above 1GB. Imagine the number of media files and other documents you can pump in one file-sharing link. Granted your file’s size won’t exceed 2GB. Works best when you pack all files in one .zip file or .rar file before uploading it to WeTransfer. Just don’t let it sit for more than 2 weeks. You lose access to the files beyond that point.

2. Hightail

You may never have used Hightail before to transfer a huge file. But you probably have used before in its previous incarnation as YouSendIt. Random users can sign up for a free account and share up to 250MB. Need more space for the rest of your workforce? Signing up for a premium account might do the trick for you if you’ve got the budget. That will pump up the storage to 10GB.

Signing up for an account is advisable because you may never know if you need more than one device to access your files online. You may know of some folks who are not businessmen but are techie enthusiasts. Might as well have Hightail to help you transfer a huge file on several devices in case of emergency. Link expiry date can also be edited depending on how long you’d like the link to last.

3. Sendspace

Sendspace is possibly one of the file-sharing websites that had been around the web for more than 5 years now. That’s a feat considering that some of its contemporaries have gone down under for copyright infringement. So far Sendspace managed to stay safe. So safe that even IT professionals resorted to this site for B2B level file-sharing to transfer a huge file.

The free version notes a maximum file size of 300MB that you can upload for link-farming purposes. Quite small to think that as of this writing, supported countries don’t include those located in Asia. Just the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Europe. The only supported language so far is English. Quite a bummer for everyone else located elsewhere. It gives a sense of exclusivity though for everyone assigned in the areas mentioned.

4. Sharefile

Now that areas and languages are mentioned, this article goes to a website that can cover all. Sharefile could possibly be the only contemporary on this list of Sendspace. (Because Hightail doesn’t count due to name change.) It’s the kind of file-sharing service for individuals that are too conscious for security. Individuals can transfer a huge file for personal or business reasons. Using it for business reasons though becomes the weightier choice since it doesn’t seem like it has a freebie option.

Sharefile’s Basic package provides 5GB cloud storage space for 17.50 UK pounds (About $26 US). The Professional package provides 10GB cloud storage package for 35 UK pounds (about $52 US). The number of file-sharers for the Professional package can go as many as 10 people. So if you’re dependent on online freelancers for outsourced writing jobs, you can transfer a huge file to about 9 people at most. It’s the kind of options you take when you are well-heeled enough to fund the extra cloud storage needed.

Would you like to go for the premium services to transfer a huge file? If the files aren’t that big to transfer anyway, you can go for the free services for the meantime. But if you work for a company that rewards your efforts at finding extra cloud storage space, go for quality first before upgrading cloud storage quantity. Match your needs with the kind of file-sharing services among the recommended apps here then decide.

I hope these services are as valuable to you as they have been for me.

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