4 Simple Ways to Unearth Your Passions [Think Marketing Show Podcast Episode 015]


This week we dive into how to unearth your passions. Here are the 4 simple ways (and we are sure there are 5 trillion more but these popped up in our minds).

1. TALK – Talk to a mentor, a person that challenges you, someone you love or that knows you very well.  Open up and explain things about yourself and you will find through that sou searching a passion set

2. Examine your hobbies – If you were a millionaire, what would you do everyday? What excites you?  What fires you up?  There you will find passion.

3. Be honest and be vulnerable – Share your deep, dark secrets with someone.  Tell them what makes you tick and what you truly enjoy.

4. Help someone else – Amazing what can happen when you help someone in need.  It can recenter and refocus you on what really matters in life.

Thanks for reading and listening!

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