Guest Post by Nancy Grace

Instagram is for people to share the best moments of their lives and businesses to make money on the Internet. But, this app is different from other social networks.

If you are looking to bombard people with annoying sales pitches and spammy marketing ads, you better drop that idea. Instagram is not the place for you. However, if you wish to entice your audience with visually appealing images and videos, there is no better place than Instagram.

The infographic below highlights the potential of Instagram for small businesses:

Instagram for Business

If you are thinking about how to leverage the benefits of Instagram marketing, here are some ways to do it successfully:

Run contests

Who doesn’t like to take on challenges? No matter what industry you belong to, running contests on Instagram is a super easy way to let people have fun and help your business build a growing network on social media. Most businesses use contests as an effective tool to launch their own hashtags and give a unique identity to their promotions. Consider different instagram contests for your business and run the ones that suit your business model and get your audience involved.

Use Geo tagging

Instagram allows users to tag locations in their photos. This will help your marketing efforts when you are targeting a particular area to launch your products or services. Often visiting trade fairs and expos in your city? Then why not post those pictures and tag them? It’s one of the easiest ways to go visible in your local area.

Try event marketing

Some call it event marketing, some say it’s an experimental marketing – whatever, it is one of the best ways to promote a future event. This technique comes in handy when you are looking to get more people attend or at least notice your future events.

Don’t have the time to create custom images? No worries. Just take a snapshot of the flyers that you have already printed for your local audience and post them on your timeline. By promoting your events and activities on social media, you get to increase your brand’s popularity and get more traffic to your site as well; and yeah you also stand a pretty chance of featuring in the media. Awesome, right?

Use popular hashtags

Hashtags in Instagram are as much popular as in Twitter. Why not take advantage of hashtag marketing? The best way to do that is to include the most popular hashtags related to your niche and business in your posts. It makes your posts more search-friendly and pull up when your audience are hunting for your stuff. If you have something special, create your own hashtag and post your images and videos along with it. That lets customers find your stuff under a single roof when they are actually looking for it.

These are some of the proven techniques to promote any business successfully on Instagram and get more followers and likes to your profile. In addition to these, if you wish to increase the reputation and fan loyalty of your profile, then it make sense to seek the assistance of a leading brand like


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